Why are helping professions at risk?

Here are three major risk factors:
Nature of the work
Mental health is a noble profession, but often not valued. We are working with people who may not want our help and working with people with significant challenges.
High stress
Mental health jobs are high stress: Dealing with others trauma, high job demands, poor hours, in public eye, and more.
Organizational Structure
A hierarchical structure that is rigid and requires certain procedures be followed for anything to occur. These structures do not adapt to change, can be difficult to manuever, and can be disempowering.
Why are helping professions at high risk for bully culture?
Mental health practitioners treat targets of workplace, but the very organizations they work in have many characteristics that put them at-risk for bully culture.

Finding out if your organization is at-risk for workplace bullying is an opportunity to strategize and stop bully culture before it starts.

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How I can help you right now!
And the benefits to your organization
How I can help?
I can work with you to assess your work culture and determine if your organization is at-risk for or is experiencing workplace bullying.
Benefit to you?
We can develop effective and innovative strategies to stop and prevent workplace bullying. Thus, allowing your workers to have a strong work culture so they focus on their work.
How I can help?

I can train your workers on the complexities

of workplace bullying.
Benefit to you?
Training specific to workplace bullying helps you better serve targets of workplace bullying by reducing their trauma. It also expands a niche market for your agency because workplace bullying is on the rise.