How it became my mission to promote wellness & Stop Bully Culture.

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We make work healthier through advocacy, education, and support
We are committed to helping organizations heal from the traumatizing effects of workplace bullying and toxic work environments.
Our Founding
The goal of Support To Transform Organizational Practice, founded in 2015, was to educate organizations about bullying in the workplace. Dr. Jan realized her business could provide more services as more workers and organizations sought her advice, and she expanded to provide one-on-one coaching to workers in toxic environments and bully culture.

She changed the name of her business in 2021 to Stop Bully Culture and The American Workplace Advocacy Center to meet the rising needs of workers, leaders, and organizations.
I'm Dr. Jan.
Let's Get Acquainted

Growing up, I lived in a small town in Iowa. The first job I had was as a paper girl. I was responsible for delivering the Sunday Des Moines Register and collecting subscription fees. For me, it was my first exposure to the real world of work and the challenges of loving what you do.

I decided to pursue a career in mental health as a social worker. My goal was to make an impact in the world and empower people experiencing hardships. Eventually, I became a faculty member at a small private college after earning my master's degree in social work.

"As a single mom, I remained determined to stay at my job despite the obstacles and challenges."
Into Toxicity at Work

My first exposure to toxic working conditions and abuse in the workplace came from this job. Working became an anxiety and stress source for me, which started me on a journey to try to understand how work impacts our everyday lives.

The workplace violence drove me to pursue a PhD in Sociology in hopes of escaping it.

Unfortunately, this did not work. My job forced me to leave, and I ended up in a worse bullying environment than my previous one. It was a pattern I continued to follow, moving from one bad employer to another.

"Nothing I did seemed to make a difference. The majority of my time at work was spent feeling powerless and desperate."
When I worked in hostile environments and in bully culture, I actively sought out expert guidance. But I was disappointed to discover it did not stop the workplace abuse, but rather increased it. Consequently, my situation never improved.
It finally became too much to handle.
Eventually, I reached a breaking point and decided enough was enough. Having been humiliated at work and exposed to toxic work environments, I felt the need to find ways to reduce their traumatizing effects as a way to survive.
In my mind, I knew I must help others in similar circumstances.
After years of toxicity and bullying, I knew I had to act, so I started researching and experimenting with new strategies that resulted in a state-of-the-art system designed to help you find peace in the workplace.

Bully cultures, toxic work environments, or simply dissatisfaction with your work environment can be addressed using my strategies.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance requires the ability to assess your work environment and address problems effectively.

The right to work safely and with happiness belongs to all of us.
It is my hope that by sharing what works and what doesn't, you will be able to avoid some of the pain I went through.
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