Workplace Bullying is a Growing and Destructive Problem!!

Workplace Bullying isn’t Simply Conflict or Harassment. It is a series of systematic failures in organizations that allows bullying behaviors to emerge and flourish due to lack of policy and effective organizational responses.

If you think you, your colleagues, or your organization may be experiencing workplace bullying or you are afraid your workplace is becoming increasingly toxic—you are in the right place.

«Organizations ignore the bully culture because they think it is easier to do so. However, failing to stop bullying devastates employers, traumatizes employees, and negatively impacts clients and your bottom line.»
What is workplace bullying?
It is abusive behaviors including non-verbal, verbal, emotional, psychological, and/or cyber abuse or any combination thereof by one or more of your colleagues.
It happens over time and causes professional and personal harm

But it also includes systematic failures by leadership and organizations. These include lack of policy addressing workplace bullying and failure to intervention effectively to stop it.

Workplace bullying is an organizational culture issue. It is not an individual worker problem.
We should all care about stopping bully culture.
Here is why!
Workplace bullying leads to high turn over increasing recruitment costs, organizational dysfunction, mistreatment of clients, and loss of profts.
Individual Workers
Workplace bullying leads to increased stress for all workers, impacts quality of work, decreases productivity, and increases the likelihood of good workers leaving.
Organizations that do not intervene WILL DEVELOP bully culture. Bully cultures are more likely to continue for years, even decades, putting each and every worker at-risk for abuse and victimization.

Here is what we know:

According to the 2021 WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey:

  • Approximately 48.6 million Americans are bullied at work.
  • 30% of workers have direct experience being bullied.
  • 19% of workers have witnessed it
  • And, 66% of workers know workplace bullying is happening.

72% of employers deny, discount, encourage, and defend workplace bullying (Workplace Bullying Institute, 2014).

Workplace bullying is LEGAL in the United States leaving many victims without recourse...


I started the American Workplace Advocacy Center to help people just like you!

Bully culture is an issue that needs to be addressed with seriousness, yet many organizations fail at doing so. The result? A culture where aggression is part of everyday business interactions among workers. Bullying becomes normalized, accepted, and even expected. Bully culture flourishes when leaders fail to intervene and workplace bullying goes unchecked.
Dr. Jan Kircher
Are you worried that bully culture might be rearing its' ugly head at your work?

Are you worried that you are being bullied?

Take the workplace assessments to find out and get an answer once and for all.
Knowing what is happening in your organization and to you, is the first step in healing and managing bully culture.
You may not be able to stop workplace bullying on your own because bully culture is not an individual problem.
But you can manage and reduce the effects of it.

I've been researching interventions and solutions for bully culture for over fifteen years and I've come up with what I believe is a better approach:

The Harm Reduction Framework.
Here is a tip about workplace bullying.
Three Reasons The Harm Reduction Framework
Will Help You Manage Bully Culture,
Regain Your Power, and Protect Your Career.
We help you identify what is happening to you at work, when it is more likely to happen, who else is around, and what are your reactions and responses.
We work with you to analyze your data and information to provide meaning to your experiences.
Based on this information, we develop a strategic plan that can help you manage bullying culture effectively. We listen to what you need.
It is my mission to help individuals and organizations heal from the traumatizing effects of workplace bullying and to end bully culture.

Here is how I can help!
Dr. Kircher provides single session coaching and one-on-one coaching programs.
Dr. Kircher is a dynamic public speaker who is well versed in workplace bullying.
Her trainings are designed to meet the specific needs of the individuals and the organization.

She specializes in creating customized programming tailored to fit
the personality and demographics of your corporation or organization.
Organizational Consulting and Assessment
Dr. Kircher is an experienced, expert consultant with over 20 years experience in workplace bullying. She works with organizations to assess the work culture to recognize and manage workplace bullying. Based on her assessment, Dr. Kircher designs strategic plans that work to stop bully culture.
I know what it is like to be bullied and struggle, but you are not alone!

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