My Programs Are For Individuals
Who are unhappy at work, or who has suspicions about being bullied at work or toxicity who are driven to understand what is happening and are committed to making positive professional change.
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Unlimited Benefits Await You
You will:
  • Find clarity around your work.
  • Identify what obstacles you face in your work and how they are preventing you from achieving your goals.
  • Develop a plan for your work centered around skill-building.
  • Heal from any work wounds and transform yourself into the worker you want to be.
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My Programs Are For Organizations and Leaders...
Who are seeking insight, support, and guidance so they can assess their work culture and make positive change.
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Unlimited Benefits Await You
You will:
  • Get a tailored comprehensive approach that includes organizational assessments, leadership development, and leadership coaching.
  • Enhance your leadership skills and expertise to identify areas for improvement for yourself and your organization..
  • Confidently move your organization forward on a path to achieving their desired outcomes to create a bettter work culture.
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Take the workplace assessment to find out if you are experiencing bullying at your job!
Dr. Jan Kircher
Founder & Researcher
Organizations have many workplace challenges that impacts all employees and the overall workplace wellenss. The financial costs to an organization and individual are enormous--the cost to organizational and individual wellness incalculable.

If you have experienced any workpalce challenges including workplace bullying or know someone who has, we can help! I founded Stop Bully Culture & The American Workplace Advocacy Center to make sure you get fair treatment and a safe work environment.

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