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Dr. Jan Kircher
is a renowned speaker and trainer who has dedicated her expertise to helping organizations stop bully culture.

Improve your workplace and achieve success with Dr. Jan's guidance.
By partnering with Dr. Kircher, businesses can equip themselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to recognize and prevent bullying behaviors, foster positive communication, and promote a culture of inclusivity. Improve your workplace and achieve success with Dr. Jan's guidance.


What you will get

Dr. Jan's expertise lies with in educating employees, supervisors, management, and entire organizations on the detrimental effects of workplace bullying and empowering them to take action against it. Her signature talks and keynote addresses empowers individuals at all levels of an organization to create a positive work culture that can transform toxic and bully cultures into resilient and healthy workplaces.

With her guidance, organizations can effectively address and prevent bullying behaviors, promote employee well-being, improve overall productivity, and job satisfaction.

The War At Work: How to STOP Workplace Bullying

We spend more of our human life working and sleeping than we do awake. The problem is most leaders are oblivious to workplace bullying and
sleeping on the issue. The result? Thriving bully cultures which infect the heart of your organization.

Bullying at work isn't a new phenomenon, but it's rife in 2023, with companies facing crushing financial losses, devastating reputational damage, and hidden client attrition. If you want to have employees take less sick leave, enhance productivity, and create a positive work culture, then you need to unlock the S.T.O.P. Framework for eliminating bullying at work.

When you've finished working with Dr. Jan, you will discover how to create psychological safety in your workplace, prevent costly turnover, and heal the culture of your company.
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Stepping Up in Times of Need: The Power of Bystanders in Bully Culture

Bystanders play a significant role in sustaining and stopping bully culture. Incorporating bystanders into workplace bullying prevention and management is crucial. Discover how bystanders can impact bully culture by taking on different roles.

Learn how to effectively intervene in bullying situations and provide support as an ally. During Dr. Jan's sessions, you will have the opportunity to practice the skills you've learned in a safe and supportive environment so you can develop the confidence and courage to intervene in bully situations.
Become Empowered
Dr. Jan is one of those speakers who inspires you and empowers you. As a result, you will feel like there is nothing you can't do to keep your workplace healthier.

Let Dr. Jan help your organization build a resilient and healhty workplace culture today!
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Our Clients Love Us
  • Sarah Lewin
    “Dr. Kircher’s research into workplace bullying proved highly effective for my situation, and her strategies were readily applicable. Since she has experienced bullying personally, she is uniquely qualified to understand and stop bully culture. It is Dr Kircher's commitment to eliminating bullying in the workplace that sets her apart from other professionals.” Dr. Cath Stilwell, Retired Social Work Professor
    I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long.
  • Alex Larkins
    “Dr. Kircher speaks with a powerful and engaging style, bringing a thorough understanding of bully cultures into her keynotes, training, and presentations. The work she does is outstanding and unique and if applied, can truly stop bullying culture in organizations and help individuals.” Dr. Mario Hesse, Professor, St. Cloud State University
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