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About Dr. Jan
Greetings, I'm Dr. Jan, and I'm excited to meet you.

With over twenty years of practical experience, my mission is to rejuvenate workplaces by eradicating toxic and bullying cultures and fostering nurturing environments.

My unwavering belief in the transformative power of collaboration inspires me to closely partner with organizations, dismantling harmful patterns and igniting lasting change.

Let's collaborate to establish empowered spaces where productivity, empowerment, and workplace wellness thrive, banishing workplace bullying and paving the path to a positive and harmonious work environment.
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I believe in empowering individuals to take charge of workplace wellness, combat toxicity, and bullying. Together, through our partnership, we can transform your workplace. Book me now to begin this journey. I emphasize the critical importance of investing in training to foster thriving work environments and ensure lasting workplace wellness.
The benefits are unlimited, and by taking action, you'll not only safeguard your business and reputation but also earn your workers' everlasting high esteem.
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Dr. Jan's Talks

Elevating Workplace Wellness and Preventing Bullying

Picture a workplace teeming with positivity, unparalleled productivity, and lasting wellness. Say goodbye to toxicity and embrace a brighter future.

In the complex world of business, workplace bullying and toxicity are formidable foes. They harm not only individuals but also organizations, stifling creativity and draining revenue. They breed stress, anxiety, and even physical illness. Conquering these challenges requires astute insights and masterful strategies.
Are you ready to learn how to scrutinize toxicity, combat bullying, and cultivate a culture of wellness in your workplace? Imagine having the skills to not only address these issues but also foster a culture of well-being, respect, and growth.

Join Dr. Jan on this transformative journey to:
  • Understand the ripple effects of bullying and toxicity on individuals and organizations.
  • Architect a culture of well-being and respect.
  • Empower yourself with actionable strategies for a thriving workplace.
  • Witness the rewards of a nurturing atmosphere.
Ready to unleash workplace well-being and bid adieu to toxicity? Book Dr. Jan Today.
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Resilient Leadership for Workplace Wellness:

Countering Toxicity and Bullying

In today's competitive workplace, negativity, toxicity, and bullying can disrupt harmony. Imagine creating a work environment that radiates positivity, prioritizes well-being, embraces inclusivity, and encourages constructive dialogue.

Interested in enhancing your resilient leadership skills? Dr. Jan offers pragmatic strategies and tools to reshape workplace well-being, combat toxicity, and bullying. This effort not only motivates your team but also establishes a culture that prevents and eliminates such behavior.

With Dr. Jan, you'll:
  • Identify and address bullying and toxic behaviors.
  • Cultivate a strong team ethos with transparency.
  • Promote inclusiveness and diversity.
  • Create a supportive, employee-centric environment.
Whether you're a CEO, manager, or team leader, this keynote presentation provides valuable insights to foster a constructive work environment. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize workplace well-being through resilient leadership.
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Bystander Empowerment: Confronting Toxicity and Bullying

Witnessed workplace bullying and unsure how to react? Want to create a positive change while helping colleagues?

In today's corporate world, toxic atmospheres and bullying affect individuals and organizations. It's time to shift from passive observers to proactive advocates for a toxicity-free workplace.

Equip yourself with skills to counter bullies and promote a healthy culture with Dr. Jan's guidance. You'll:
  • Learn to empower bystanders to address toxicity and bullying.
  • Gain practical tools to influence workplace culture positively.
  • Enhance your ability to identify, intervene, and establish a respectful work environment.
Become Empowered
Dr. Jan is one of those speakers who inspires you and empowers you. As a result, you will feel like there is nothing you can't do to keep your workplace healthier.

Let Dr. Jan help your organization build a resilient and healhty workplace culture today!
What people are saying about Dr. Jan
  • “Dr. Kircher’s research into workplace bullying proved highly effective for my situation, and her strategies were readily applicable. Since she has experienced bullying personally, she is uniquely qualified to understand and stop bully culture. It is Dr Kircher's commitment to eliminating bullying in the workplace that sets her apart from other professionals.”

    Dr. Cath Stilwell, Retired Social Work Professor
  • “Dr. Kircher speaks with a powerful and engaging style, bringing a thorough understanding of bully cultures into her keynotes, training, and presentations. The work she does is outstanding and unique and if applied, can truly stop bullying culture in organizations and help individuals.”

    Dr. Mario Hesse, Professor, St. Cloud State University
  • “Jan Kircher is a dynamic presenter who approaches every topic she addresses with research support and thoughtful insights. Watching her present is more like participating in a conversation. Her broad perspective on the factors contributing to workplace bullying allows her to anticipate questions that naturally emerge in audience members’ heads. Her sense of humor and grounded, realistic approach make you want to sit down and talk with her at length after her presentations are over. I highly recommend attending her seminar and training.”

    Dr. Kurt DeBord, Professor of Psychology, Columbia College