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Dr. Jan Kircher--Speaker and Trainer

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What you will get

Dr. Jan will help you learn how to create a and productive workplace environment by educating employees, supervisors, management, and the organization on the effects of workplace bullying and enabling them to take action to stop it.

Bullying at Work: STOP IT!
Bullying at work adversely affects the quality of the work performed in organizations. As a result of bullying culture, workers are unable to maximize their potential. Workplace bullying causes financial losses, such as losing clients, turnover, and reputation damage. The increased stress and impact of workplace bullying causes workers to use more sick days and sick leave, and access healthcare at higher rates. A boss or supervisor spends a great deal of time managing bullying culture rather than investing in the business. For any organization or business, these costs are just too high to risk.

When you've finished working with Dr. Jan, you'll be aware of the symptoms and effects of workplace bullying, their impact on the workplace, and their costs. As a result of implementing S.T.O.P proactive strategies, the culture of your organization will be transformed and healed, resulting in increased health and safety within the workplace.
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Stepping Up in Times of Need: The Power of Bystanders in Bully Culture

Bystanders play a significant role in sustaining and stopping bully culture. Incorporating bystanders into workplace bullying prevention and management is crucial. Discover how bystanders can impact bully culture by taking on different roles.

Learn how to effectively intervene in bullying situations and provide support as an ally. During Dr. Jan's sessions, you will have the opportunity to practice the skills you've learned in a safe and supportive environment so you can develop the confidence and courage to intervene in bully situations.

Unlocking the Power of Workplace Wellness

It is increasingly important to promote workplace wellness to counter the increased stress and toxicity at work. Employers and employees need a comprehensive set of tools and strategies to create and sustain wellness-promoting workplaces. You will learn how to create an environment of respect, trust, and collaboration, as well as practical steps to reduce workplace stress. By gaining these skills, you will be able to effectively manage workplace conflicts, build strong relationships, and positively influence the workplace environment.

With Dr. Jan's actionable tips, you can create a workplace conducive to health and wellness even when conditions are challenging.

Leading A Healthy Workplace

Healthy workplaces are led by strong leaders. Leadership skills development is crucial for ensuring workplace wellness, which is a key responsibility of leaders. Leadership skills are not inherent in every leader, but all can be developed to help create a healthier work environment.

Gain skills to become a flexible leader capable of identifying workplace issues, establishing a culture of respect and trust, handling changes, and recognizing the signs of an unhealthy workplace. Become a leader who can create a positive work environment and foster workplace wellness.
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Become Empowered
Dr. Jan is one of those speakers who inspires you and empowers you. As a result, you will feel like there is nothing you can't do to keep your workplace healthier.
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