Taking advantage of my workplace bullying training today will be beneficial to you and will help you rregain control of your career.
When I needed help the most from workplace bullying, I reached out to experts. They didnt' help me...their advice hurt me. But that does not have to happen to you.
Dr. Jan Kircher
The American Workplace Advocacy Center
You are not alone
I started my career off in higher education over twenty years ago. I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to teach social work.

But my joy soon soured when faculty started yelling at me and talking about me behind my back. The bad behavior and hostility directed towards me was out of control. I wasn't sure what to do and I wondered what I did to be treated so poorly. Did I deserve this? What had I done?

I was increasingly fearful to go to work. My anxiety increased and got significantly worse the closer I got to my office door. I found reasons to work from home and used my sick days to avoid work. I was desperate.

I changed jobs thinking that would be in my best interest and I could escape the toxic workplace. This was a huge mistake. Instead of escaping, I landed face first into another bully culture.

I sought out help from co-workers, mental health professionals, and experts. Their advice ended up increasing the workplace bullying and making my work situation worse.

There was no support. There was no help. I felt powerless and hopeless. I was totally alone in the bully culture. I had to fend for myself so I could survive and put food on my table.
"I just started this course and it is already a life-saver. My work has NO policy or help on bullying. I have gone to HR with little help. This is the only resource I found that educates and empowers."
But you are NOT alone.
You DO NOT have to fend for yourself.

You can take my training on workplace bullying today
and it will help you assess what is happening to you and it will help you develop effective strategies to help you reduce the harm from bully culture.