Workplace Assessment

Answer the following questions to see if you may be experiencing workplace bullying.
We will send your results to this email.
I have experienced hostility at work from at least one of my colleagues, including verbal, nonverbal, emotional, cyber, and physical acts of abuse.
2. At least one of my colleagues has interfered with my work which has negatively impacted my professional reputation.
3. In the previous 3-6 months, I have changed my work habits in response to treatment by my colleague(s), such as coming to work early or leaving late.
4. My feelings about my job have changed from positive to negative over the past three to six months.
5. I dread going to work every day and I feel increased anxiety when I think about my workplace.
6. My organization has a policy that addresses workplace bullying.
7. I have been told that I am the problem for the toxicity in my workplace.
8. I have attempted to intervene on more than one occasion, including talking to my supervisor or human resources, without results or changes to my work environment. In some cases, my attempts to intervene resulted in a more difficult work environment and retaliation.
9. I avoid certain colleagues out of fear of being mistreated.
10. The state of my work environment has impacted my personal life, such as change in sleep patterns or eating habits.
11. How likely do you think it is that workplace bullying is an issue in your workplace?