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Toolkit Features
  • Fundamentals of Documentation
    Master the critical aspects of documentation to ensure all instances of bullying are recorded accurately and effectively.
  • Identification of Bullying Behaviors
    Recognize different forms of bullying with detailed examples, enhancing your understanding and awareness.
  • Guidance on Documentation Review
    Learn the essential questions to ask when reviewing your documentation, enabling strategic planning and ensuring nothing is overlooked.
  • Ready-to-Use Template
    Make documentation easier with our ready-to-use template, designed to systematically capture all relevant details.
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About Me
Hello, I'm Jan Kircher. With expertise in workplace bullying intervention, I understand the challenges you face in maintaining a healthy work environment. Witnessing the harmful effects of bullying escalate concerns me deeply. That's why I'm committed to equipping you with effective strategies to address bullying proactively. Using my background in leadership and organizational development, I offer holistic solutions to minimize the impact of workplace bullying and promote happier, healthier employees.