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Workplace Warriors: Rising Above Bullying - A Ground Breaking E-Book

Author, Dr. Jan C. Kircher
Arm Yourself with 'Workplace Warriors: Rising Above Bullying.' This empowering guide equips you with practical strategies to confront workplace bullies head-on, regain your confidence, and minimize trauma. Whether you're a target yourself or supporting someone who is, or even if you're in HR, this is an essential resource.

This actionable guide includes:
  • Step-by-step tactics for handling bullying situations
  • Expert advice on navigating workplace dynamics
  • Empowering exercises to build resilience
  • Applicable strategies that you can read and apply directly to your workplace
About Me
Empowerment Advocate & Transformational Leader, Guiding You from Powerless to Powerful
Dr. Jan, a renowned leader in workplace advocacy and anti-bullying initiatives, leads the American Workplace Advocacy Center. Drawing from her unparalleled insights into workplace dynamics, she highlights, "Conventional interventions only worsen the issue. And yet they are still frequently used and seen as the best option for targets." Her transformative strategies aim to foster environments of respect and empowerment, freeing individuals from fear and intimidation. Her groundbreaking book provides a roadmap to reclaiming power, transitioning from powerless to powerful, and taking control of one's narrative. It offers a unique perspective that challenges conventional interventions—the often-used solutions that unfortunately exacerbate the problem.