How it became my mission to promote wellness & Stop Bully Culture.

I'm Dr. Jan

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Growing up, I lived in a small town in Iowa. The first job I had was as a paper girl. I was responsible for delivering the Sunday Des Moines Register and collecting subscription fees. For me, it was my first exposure to the real world of work and the challenges of loving what you do.

Into Toxicity at Work and My Quest to Stop Bully Culture
Immersed in the realm of work as a social work professor, I uncovered a distressing truth: toxic environments and abuse were disturbingly prevalent. This revelation sparked an unwavering passion within me to delve into the profound impact of work on our lives.

Yet, as I pursued solace through a PhD in Sociology, I found myself ensnared in an unforgiving tangle of mistreatment and bullying, sinking deeper into its grasp. However, I refused to succumb to these adversities. Instead, I summoned every ounce of strength and determination, devoting myself to forging a path of transformation, resolute in my mission to eradicate the pervasive culture of bullying that inflicts immeasurable harm upon countless organizations.
"Nothing I did seemed to make a difference. The majority of my time at work was spent feeling powerless and desperate."
When I worked in hostile environments and in bully culture, I actively sought out expert guidance. But I was disappointed to discover it did not stop the workplace abuse, but rather increased it. Consequently, my situation never improved.

Welcome to the Dawn of a New Era:

Embracing Workplace Transforamtion!!

The challenges posed by bullying were frequently debilitating, causing significant harm and hindrance. I immersed myself in research and embarked on an experimental journey to stop bully culture.

The result was a groundbreaking framework, a beacon of hope in the treacherous realm of work, designed to address workplace toxicity and dismantle the culture of bullying.

Together, let us forge a new path towards a healthier, more compassionate work environment.
Sharing my journey's highs and lows, my wish is to spare you the pain I endured. I'm here to empower you to overcome workplace bullying and create a brighter future.

Are you ready to Stop Bully Culture?

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