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  • Your Current Work Self
    • Elevated stress and anxiety arising from the work environment
    • Deteriorated confidence and self-esteem regarding your leadership abilities
    • Escalated feelings of isolation and withdrawal from coworkers as a coping mechanism in response to a toxic and workplace bullUOMG
    • Visible indications of stress impacting your leadership skills due to the prevailing work culture
    • Reduced job satisfaction making you a less effecive leader
    • Compromised decision-making and productivity due to dysfunction
    • Withdrawal and isolation from colleagues due to the toxicity
    • Sense of powerlessness or helplessness due to unsuccessful attempts to intervene
    • Outbursts of anger or frustration, whether expressed openly or suppressed, directed towards colleagues
    • Physical and emotional health problems resulting from the bullying and toxicity
    • Increased time spent managing conflicts between employees due to the toxic and bullying atmosphere
    • Decreased time engaged in enjoyable work activities
  • Your Ideal Empowered Self
    • Elevated well-being and reduced stress by implementing effective leadership strategies in the work culture
    • Boosted confidence and self-esteem in your leadership capabilities
    • Enhanced social connections among colleagues through proactive relationship building
    • Fostered a sense of empowerment and control over the work environment through honed leadership skills
    • Heightened job satisfaction resulting from a thriving and positive workplace culture
    • Augmented self-assurance, confident decision-making, and unwavering belief in one's abilities through comprehensive workplace wellness application
    • A strong sense of empowerment and confidence within the work environment
    • Improved physical and emotional well-being, leading to a state of contentment, optimism, and enthusiasm
    • Decreased time allocated to managing worker-to-worker issues, allowing for increased engagement in enjoyable job responsibilities

Here's what you can expect.

Individual and Group Coaching For Leaders

Group Coaching

Embark on a journey of accelerated leadership growth with our transformative group coaching program.

  • Join a supportive community of like-minded leaders.
  • Enhance organizational culture and promote workplace health.
  • Expand your leadership toolkit and gain valuable fresh perspectives.
  • Drive positive change within your organization.
  • Harness the power of group dynamics to transform workplace culture.
  • Connect, learn, and grow with our exceptional group coaching program.
  • Take your leadership journey to new heights.
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Individual Coaching

Experience transformative change with our one-on-one individual coaching program.
  • Designed for leaders, whether new or experienced, aiming to revolutionize their organizational culture.
  • Partner with us to benefit from enhanced leadership skills.
  • Boost morale and reduce turnover within your organization.
  • Create sustainable change that promotes workplace wellness and health.
  • Our coaching equips you with the tools and knowledge to foster a positive work environment.
  • Make significant strides within your organization through our coaching program.
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Dr. Jan Kircher
Founder & Researcher
Organizations have many workplace challenges that impacts all employees and the overall workplace wellenss. The financial costs to an organization and individual are enormous--the cost to organizational and individual wellness incalculable.

If you suspect that your organization is facing significant workplace challenges, including workplace bullying,we are here to provide assistance. I am the founder of Stop Bully Culture and the American Workplace Advocacy Center, and our primgary goal is to ensure that everyone receives equitable treatment and a safe work environment.

We have experts who can offer guidance and support to help you confront and address these challenges. Our services cover a wide range of workplace issues including bullying, toxicity, and other concerns. We have the experience and resources to help you overcome these challenges and establish a positive and supportive work environment.

Do not let workpalce challenges hinder your success or that of your organization. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in creating the healthy and productive work environment that you and your colleagues deservef.

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