Dr. Jan Kircher is a leading Speaker, Coach & Consultant on Bully Culture.

Workplace bullying is not inevitable! Dr. Jan Kircher will show you how to handle bullying as a bystander, target, leader or organization while promoting a culture of productivity and wellness.
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How We Create Wellness & Stop Bully Culture
Over the last 12 years, I've pioneered a research-based innovative approach to creating wellness and healing from workplace bullying.
Transformative Keynote Speaking & Workshops

Research-based and proven, my talks and presentations enable organizations and teams to strengthen organizational wellness and individual resilience. I offer engaging and resourceful workshops that promote employee happiness, productivity, and help you avoid costly hiring and retention mistakes.

Latest speaking topics include:

· Creating Winning Workplaces that Thrive

· The Pursuit of Wellness: Strategies for a Healthier Workplace

· Warning: Workplace Bullying

· Bystander Intervention Training

· Leading a Healthy Workplace

· Promoting Wellness in Toxic Workplaces

· The Workplace Bullying Crisis in Mental Health

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Tailored Indivdiuald Coaching and Mentoring for Targets & Bystanders

Promoting wellness and ending workplace bullying are serious issues. It's not just about being picked on—it's about losing your job and your career. It's about being unable to support yourself and your family. It can even be life-threatening if you don't handle it correctly.

That's why we offer the Bully Culture Investigation and Assessment Program, which guides you through a discovery process to determine if you are the target, witness, bystander, or victim of workplace bullying. You will uncover what is happening in your workplace to begin the healing and empowerment process. Set up a strategy session with Dr. Kircher to learn more and discuss

By working with me, YOU WILL:

  • Improve your awareness and understanding of workplace bullying and toxic working environments
  • Take control of bully cultures by developing the necessary skills.
  • Regain control of your career and your power at work.
  • Enhance your communication skills and professionalism.
  • Obtain solid, actionable advice on how to plan and strategize in a bully-ridden workplace.

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Investigative & Leadership Consulting

Bullying at work, managing conflict and promoting employee happiness are big challenges. As a consultant, Dr. Kircher's services promote resilience while stopping (or preventing) unhealthy and expensive patterns. Instead of avoiding the problem or playing negative shame and blame games, Dr. Kircher will help you:

  • Get clarity around what is happening.
  • Learn productive ways to handle conflict and diffuse tensions
  • Recognize the signs of workplace bullying in order to take care of yourself and protect your career.
  • Rapidly develop a plan of action to lead through difficult situations
  • Acquire the skills needed to lessen the impact from bully culture.
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My Approach
I am a highly qualified workplace wellness coach, advcoate, and consultant with extensive experience in social work and sociology. It is my nature to be a straightshooter and to treat people with respect, dignity, and kindness. As an integrity-focused person, I strongly believe that there is always a solution to every challenge we face. Through my career in higher education, I have seen many challenges at work and seen leaders and workers struggle to address issues that make it harder for them to do their jobs. Workplace bullying and toxic work environments are my areas of expertise.
Dr. Jan Kircher
Founder & Researcher
Workplace bullying is an organizational culture issue that impacts all employees. The financial costs to an organization and individual are enormous--the cost to organizational and individual wellness incalculable.

If you have experienced workplace bullying or know someone who has, we can help! I founded Stop Bully Culture & The American Workplace Advocacy Center to make sure you get fair treatment and a safe work environment.

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