Is your workplace really safe?

Uncover the hidden truth about workplace bullying and master strategies to stop it!

Workplace bullying is a growing and destructive problem—and it's affecting organizations and workers worldwide!!

It is time for us to stop bully culture!

Hello Friends!

I'm Dr. Jan,

'The Workplace Whisperer'

As an experienced professional in workplace dynamics, I offer practical solutions to address a variety of workplace challenges. My strategies are designed to empower you and guide your transition from challenging environments, such as those affected by bullying, toward a more positive and thriving workplace experience.

I teach leaders, supervisors, and HR professionals effective intervention techniques without harming their reputation, team, or profits. I also guide everyday workers in managing their work culture to better manage bullying and reduce the traumatic effects.

Let's partner to transform your workplace together!

Here at the American Workplace Advocacy Center, we help organizations create healthier work environments by giving them the tools and know-how to TACKLE and PREVENT workplace toxicity and bullying.

Let's collaborate to put an end to and prevent a culture of bullying!

Think you know what workplace bullying is? It's more than you imagine.
Dive into the depths of workplace dynamics and uncover the realities of bullying today that affect millions of employees every day.
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Need Help with Bullying?
If you're dealing with bullying or want to assist someone who is, you can start by exploring a step-by-step guide to resolving these issues:
Follow our Bullying Resolution Steps

These steps have been crafted to offer a clear pathway for effectively addressing bullying. Whether you're an individual seeking guidance as a victim, a concerned friend or family member, or an organization looking to understand the process, our resources are here to assist you in navigating and resolving bullying situations. Please feel free to access these valuable steps as you embark on the journey towards resolution.
Here are THREE powerful ways we can partner to promote workplace wellness and eliminate toxicity and bullying.
Invest in your employees' wellness at work
Ensure workplace resilience and prevention
Empower your organization for a healthier, more productive workplace

My Story

I spent over two decades teaching social work, but my career took an unexpected turn due to workplace bullying. Rather than succumbing to the toxic environment, I delved into researching and developing effective strategies to combat workplace bullying.

My research led to practical solutions that can dismantle bullying cultures. As the toxicity in my workplace grew, I decided to pivot and start my own business.

Today, my mission is to empower individuals, organizations, and communities with tools to eradicate workplace bullying.

"Workplace bullying--in any form--is bad for business. It destroys teamwork, commitment, and morale."
Tony Morgan
Here is some content that may help combat a culture of bullying.
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