What is Workplace Bullying?

What are the common forms of workplace bullying?

Here are some Examples of Workplace Bullying Behaviors
Nonverbal: Isolation, Exclusion, Avoidance, Ignoring, Physical gestures, Inappropriate written material, Altering office space, materials, equipment, etc., Retaliation, Eye-rolling, Shrugging

Verbal: Yelling, Temper tantrums, Screaming, Belittlling, Ridiculing, Profanity, Spreading rumors, Gossping, Name-calling, Teasinng, Put-downs,

Cyber: Unwanted or threatening emails, voice messages, or text messages, Excessive or unnecessary forwarding of emails, Excessive or unnecessary carbon copying others on emails, Excessive or unnecessary blind copying of others on emails, Inappropriate posts on social networking sites, Sharing information electronically that may be embarrassing or offensive, Mass emails that include negative comments

Physical: Unwanted physical contact,Violating personal boundaries, Aggressive posturing, Physical altercation, Using one's body to intimidate or threaten, Blocking entrances or exits, Moving or altering personal or professional property

Threats to Professional Status: Changing rules of work expectations, Excessive and unnecessary micro-management, Interference or sabotage, Taking credit or stealing work, Excessive blame, Treating differently than others, inequitable, and harsh treatment, Poor evaluations or denying of promotions not based on factual work performance, Excessive passive aggressive behavior, limiting access to resources, information, projects, assignments, or additional opportunities, Holding you to a different standard than others, Not providing adequate resources to do job properly, Retalition

Emotional: Intimidation, Threats, Use of dominationg behaviors, Coercion, Gaslighting, Retaliation