Transforming Workplaces, Empowering Individuals:

Ending Workplace Bullying with Wellness.

At the American Workplace Advocacy Center, we empower individuals and organizations to combat workplace bullying and reduce its traumatic effects by promoting wellness through comprehensive coaching, consulting, and educational initiatives.

Experience transformative results:
  • Mitigate Trauma
  • Cultivate Robust Professional Development
  • Foster a Healthier and More Supportive Climate
Cultivating resilience through empowerment coaching transforms the pain of bullying into a catalyst for growth, empowering individuals to not only navigate adversity with grace but to emerge stronger, kinder, and more compassionate souls.
What is Workplace Empowerment Coaching?
Our coaching service specializes in guiding individuals, like you, through workplace challenges, empowering you to overcome adversity and thrive. Whether you're a target or a bystander of bullying, we're here to support your journey toward personal and professional growth. With our proven harm reduction approach and empowerment strategies, we'll help you minimize negative impacts, build resilience, and confidently navigate your path to success. Join us in transforming your workplace experience today!
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Who is it for?
Workplace Empowerment Coaching is tailored for individuals who are navigating the complexities of the modern workplace environment. Whether you're a target of bullying, a bystander witnessing injustice, or simply seeking to enhance your professional resilience and confidence, our coaching services are designed to empower you. If you're looking to overcome workplace challenges, foster personal growth, and navigate your career journey with renewed vigor, Workplace Empowerment Coaching is here to support and guide you every step of the way.
Here's a breakdown of what Workplace Empowerment Coaching entails:
  • Minimizing Trauma
    Dr. Jan collaborates with you to navigate and minimize the traumatic impact of workplace bullying, offering support and coping strategies.
  • Work Environment Assessment
    Dr. Jan partners with you to assess your work environment, pinpointing occurrences, identifying specific challenges related to bullying, and understanding the dynamics contributing to the issue.
  • Strategic Planning
    Dr. Jan works with you to create a strategic plan tailored to identified challenges, working together to develop strategies that address and mitigate the impact of workplace bullying while enhancing your professional skills. The plan incorporates actionable steps for effective management of workplace issues.
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