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  • Escape the grip of workplace bullying and transform your organization

  • Learn essential strategies to effectively address and prevent bullying, empowering bystanders, targets, leaders, and organizations

  • Take a stand for a healthier, more harmonious work environment

  • Unlock the keys to productivity and wellness today
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Workplace Wellness Transformation Coaching and Advocacy

What is it?
Transformative coaching empowers leaders, combats workplace bullying, and promotes workplace wellness. With customized strategies, best practices, and tailored solutions, it fosters effective communication, enhances well-being, and boosts productivity. Experience sustainable change for a healthier work environment.
Who is it for?
Our tailored programs are designed to meet the specific needs of leaders and organizations, regardless of their level of experience in the workplace. We offer comprehensive guidance, unwavering support, and invaluable insights to help assess and transform your work culture.

Dr. Jan works closely with leaders, leveraging their strengths and equipping them with the necessary skills to identify, address, and recover from toxic and bullying behaviors. Through collaborative efforts, leaders gain the abilities they need to create a healthier and more inclusive work environment.
What Results Can You Expect?
Our goal is to implement best practices that are challenging to measure but straightforward to identify:

Foster emotional intelligence to identify and respond appropriately to both personal and team members' emotions.

Augment accountability levels, both individually and across team members and the organization.

Empower individuals and team members by providing access to essential resources, tools, and adequate support.

Master the skill of resolving workplace conflicts, including tackling bullying or toxicity incidents.

Elevate your empathetic and active listening skills.

Enhance your communication and conflict resolution proficiencies.

What is the Structure?
  • Engage in focused sessions tailored to your specific needs, including assignments and self-reflection exercises for active learning

  • Experience a safe and confidential learning environment that supports the needs of working participants

  • Achieve tangible outcomes that directly enhance your work experience

  • Collaborate with experts on strategic planning to foster a healthier work environment

  • Benefit from targeted guidance and actionable strategies to drive positive change

  • Cultivate a positive and thriving workplace with measurable results through practical application

  • Empower yourself and your team to excel in a healthier work setting through active learning and skill-building exercises

  • Unlock the potential for a fulfilling and successful work journey through continuous growth and development

Unlock Workplace Wellness Solutions with a Compassionate Expert:

  • Extensive background in social work and sociology
  • Highly qualified workplace wellness speaker, advocate, and consultant
  • Direct approach with a focus on respect, dignity, and kindness
  • Solutions-oriented mindset to tackle any challenge
  • Expertise in addressing workplace bullying and toxic environments
  • Collaborative partnership to overcome obstacles and enhance job performance
  • Trustworthy guidance backed by years of experience
  • Let's work together to create a healthier and more productive work environment
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