Empowerment & Recovery Coaching Programs

Are you grappling with bullying in the workplace?
You're not alone, and there is hope for change. At the American Workplace Advocacy Center, we specialize in providing targeted support for indivduals like you who have experienced workplace bullying. Our empowerment coaching is designed to help you reclaim control, cultivate resilience, and rebuild your self-confidence.
How We Help
Our Empowerment & Recovery Coaching Programs are customized for individuals who have experienced workplace bullying. We understand its impact on your confidence, productivity, and well-being. With personalized sessions and dedicated support, we aim to help you regain control, rebuild confidence, and thrive professionally and personally.
Our approach focuses on:
  • Rebuilding Workplace Confidence:
    Regain your self-assuredness and navigate your work life with renewed positivity and strength.
  • Enhancing Self-Care and Resilience:
    Equip yourself with strategies tomaintain mental well-being and build resilience in the face of adversity.
  • Mitigating Bullying-Induced Trauma:
    Learn techniques to handle and reduce the trauma caused by bullying experiences.
  • Heightening Communication Skills:
    Improve your communication and interpersonal skills to express your concerns effectively and assertively.
  • Nurturing Empowerment:
    Ultimately, foster a sense of empowerment to reclaim your power from workplace bullies.
Explore Our Tailed Coaching Program

Empowerment Consultation:

Kickstart your journey towards workplace empowerment with a focused one-hour consultation. For $175.00, gain insights, strategies, and personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Conducted via Teams or phone, this session is designed to help you navigate workplace dynamics and develop actionable solutions. Reach out today to schedule your session and take the first step towards a more empowered work life.
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Workplace Warrior Coaching Program:

Our comprehensive coaching program is designed to empower individuals facing workplace challenges and seeking to regain control of their lives. Tailored for those navigating daunting work environments, our program offers personalized support to address stressors impacting both professional and personal life. Included in the program are a Welcome Kit to kickstart your journey, access to the Workplace Warrior E-Book for invaluable insights, and 4-one-hour sessions over two months for deep dive coaching. Sessions are conducted flexibly via Teams, Skype, or Phone, and email support is available during business hours. Additionally, three fifteen-minute lifeline phone calls provide immediate support when needed, while ongoing support ensures you stay on track towards your goals. All of this is available for $1,096, empowering you to overcome obstacles and thrive in both your professional and personal life.
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